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Technology affordances
This discussion illustrates this discussion with several examples of interface techniques, and suggests that the concept of affordances can provide a useful tool for user-centered analyses of technologies. Expand
What should we expect from research through design?
It is suggested that the design research community should be wary of impulses towards convergence and standardisation, and instead take pride in its aptitude for exploring and speculating, particularising and diversifying, and - especially - its ability to manifest the results in the form of new, conceptually rich artefacts. Expand
What in the World Do We Hear? An Ecological Approach to Auditory Event Perception
Everyday listening is the experience of hearing events in the world rather than sounds per se. In this article, I take an ecological approach to everyday listening to overcome constraints on itsExpand
Ambiguity as a resource for design
It is argued that ambiguity is a resource for design that can be used to encourage close personal engagement with systems and tactics for emphasising ambiguity are described that may help designers and other practitioners understand and craft its use. Expand
Auditory Icons: Using Sound in Computer Interfaces
It is argued that technical theories must be considered in the context of the uses to which they are put and help the theorist to determine what is a good approximation, the degree of formalization that is justified, the appropriate commingling of qualitative and quantitative techniques, and encourages cumulative progress through the heuristic of divide and conquer. Expand
Design: Cultural probes
A As the local site coordinator finished his introduction to the meeting, the group had taken on a glazed look, showing polite interest, but no real enthusiasm, and worries were increasing. Expand
The SonicFinder: An Interface That Uses Auditory Icons
This work discusses sound effects and source metaphors as methods of extending auditory icons beyond the limitations implied by literal mappings, and speculation on future directions for such interfaces is speculated. Expand
Cultural probes and the value of uncertainty
It is said that when reason is away, smiles will play and the world will smile. Expand
How Do We Hear in the World?: Explorations in Ecological Acoustics
Everyday listening is the experience of hearing events in the world rather than sounds per se. In this article, I explore the acoustic basis of everyday listening as a start toward understanding howExpand
Staying open to interpretation: engaging multiple meanings in design and evaluation
This paper lays out the contours of the new space opened by a focus on multiple interpretations, which may more fully address the complexity, dynamics and interplay of user, system, and designer interpretation. Expand