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Staging Consciousness: Theater and the Materialization of Mind
Staging Consciousness argues that theater is a living invalidation of the Western dualism of mind and body, activating human consciousness through its embodiment of thought in performance. WhileExpand
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Codifying the National Self: Spectators, Actors, and the American Dramatic Text (review)
Burke’s careerlong engagement with Shakespeare is niftily encapsulated in an appendix listing in chronological order over eighty “Additional References to Shakespeare.” This persistent recourse toExpand
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Portrait of an Artist as Proto-Chaotician: Tom Stoppard Working His Way to Arcadia
Mix vaudevillian slapstick with crisp, witty language. Add a song or two in the style of Gilbert and Sullivan. Try doing a whole scene in limericks. How about a shell game using humans popping in andExpand
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Realism and the American Dramatic Tradition
Any review of 20th-century American theatre invariably leads to the term "realism". Yet despite the strong tradition of theatrical realism on the American stage, the term is frequently misidentified,Expand
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Introduction: America Defined and Refined
Optimism is a defining feature of that thing called “American.” It is implicit in virtually every mythic posture that Americans generate, from the ideas of progressivism and manifest destiny to theExpand
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American Playwrights, 1880-1945: A Research and Production Sourcebook
Preface by William W. Demastes Zoe Akins (1886-1958) by Susan Koprince Maxwell Anderson (1888-1959) by Barbara Horn Philip Barry (1896-1949) by Tony J. Stafford S(amuel). N(athan). BehrmanExpand
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