William W. Whitacre

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— This paper describes an experimental implementation of a feedback control law derived using the method of controlled Lagrangians. This technique, which was developed to stabilize underactuated mechanical systems, involves shaping a system's total energy through feedback and introducing fictitious gyroscopic forces in the closed-loop system. The(More)
This paper summarizes current work on theoretical and experimental cooperative tracking of moving targets by a team of UAVs. The Insitu Group is leading a diverse group of researchers to develop building block foundations for cooperative tracking. The building block algorithms have been maturing through the partners, and the team led by Insitu is now(More)
We propose a new conditionally factorized covariance intersection (CI) algorithm for performing partial state decentralized data fusion (DDF). This is relevant for sensor networks where platforms must deal with mixed heterogeneous state estimation problems, e.g. due to coupling between uncertainties in shared subsets of externally monitored process states(More)
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