William W. Nagy

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STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Screw loosening and/or fracture is common and has been attributed to many factors, including improper torque and preload. Purpose. This study evaluated the effect of repeated preload torque and salivary contamination on the preload of the slotted gold implant prosthetic screw. MATERIAL AND METHODS Fifteen slotted gold prosthetic(More)
The objective of this literature review is to discuss the various parameters related to clinical success of implant treatment in geriatric patients. Old age is not a contraindication for implant therapy; however, clinicians should be aware of potential risks, possible medical complications, and psychosocial issues that affect implant prognosis in geriatric(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM There is currently no protocol for managing endodontic access openings for all-ceramic crowns. A direct restorative material is generally used to repair the access opening, rendering a repaired crown as the definitive restoration. This endodontic procedure, however, may weaken the restoration or initiate microcracks that may propagate,(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Implant survival depends on proper and timely oral hygiene maintenance, and a wide variety of oral prophylaxis procedures have been recommended and used on implant abutments. PURPOSE This in vitro study compared the surface quality of both commercially pure titanium and titanium-alloy implant abutments, subjected to various hygiene(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEMS Specification 25 of the American Dental Association (ADA) states that final setting expansion measurements of improved dental stone are made 2 hours after mixing. In a limited pilot study on selected type IV and V dental stones, measurements showed delayed linear expansion or early contraction continuing up to 120 hours. PURPOSE The(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM The marginal adaptation of metal ceramic crowns is affected by firing cycles for veneering porcelain application. The effect of multiple firings on the marginal integrity of pressable ceramic core crowns is unknown. PURPOSE The purpose of this in vitro study was to evaluate the effect of repeated firing cycles on the marginal(More)
PURPOSE Bone transport distraction osteogenesis provides a promising alternative to traditional grafting techniques. However, existing bone transport distraction osteogenesis devices have many limitations. The purpose of this research was to test a new device, the mandibular bone transport reconstruction plate, in an animal model with comparable mandible(More)
This clinical report describes the prosthetic management of the surgical reconstruction of a patient after mandibular resection. Complete oral rehabilitation was achieved with a maxillary complete denture and a mandibular implant-supported fixed prosthesis with a custom titanium framework and a long unilateral cantilever.