William W. Gross

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rapidly induced lysis, suggesting that MurJ function, and thus PG synthesis, was inhibited (Fig. 2 and fig. S5). In contrast, treatment of MurJ E273C cells with MTSES caused cell shape defects and limited lysis indicative of an incomplete PG synthesis block due to partial MurJ inhibition. The toxicity of MTSES labeling was suppressed in all five strains by(More)
Existing models describing the kinetics of receptor-effector interaction were found to be insufficient to account for the experimental findings on adenylate cyclase activation by A2 adenosine receptors described in the preceding manuscript [Mol. Pharmacol. 39: 517-523 (1991)]. We have, therefore, chosen another approach and have developed discrete computer(More)
A study of ground effect performance is presented with specific applications to Gamera, a human powered helicopter. This parametric study quantifies ground effect for four different rotors: a baseline (no twist/no taper), negative twist/no taper, positive twist/no taper, and taper/no twist. Data for these four rotors are presented in power polars and as(More)
Previous computerized methods of hyperintensity identification in brain magnetic resonance images (MRI) either rely heavily on human intervention or on simple thresholding techniques. Such methods can lead to considerable variation in the quantification of brain hyperintensities depending upon image parameters such as contrast. This paper describes an(More)
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