William W. Everett

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It argued that software engineering is about to reach a new stage, the reliability stage, that stresses customers' operational needs and that software-reliability engineering will make this stage possible. Software-reliability engineering is defined as the applied science of predicting, measuring, and managing the reliability of software-based systems to(More)
The gap between theory and practice of reliability measurement in software design is discussed, and key issues that underlie reliability measurement's evolution from theory to practice are presented. A panel discussion in which reliability measurement's salient issues, basic concepts, and underlying theory are outlined is included. Reliability measurement's(More)
Component Based Software Engineering is based on reusability of code. It is an approach which let customer to have quality product by paying less amount of money and spending less time to produce. In this paper we will find out the factors which greatly effects reliability of component based system by conducting literature survey. The focus of this paper is(More)
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