William W. Dodge

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This study evaluated the effect of enamel bleaching with a commercial product on the sheer bond strength of a composite resin. A total of 45 human extracted permanent molars were used. A flat enamel surface was obtained with 600-grit SiC paper. The teeth were then randomly distributed into three groups of 15 teeth each: Group 1: Enamel etching with 37%(More)
This study determined the effect of a clinical program driven by patient needs upon students' productivity, attitudes, and academic performance. A group of eight senior students, whose academic and clinical performance profile replicated that of the rest of the class, were chosen to participate in a year-long non-requirement clinic. The students were(More)
The proportion of claims filed for specific dental procedures (ADA codes # 05110, 05120, 03320, 03330, 04260, 02150) between January 1, 2000 and June 30, 2004 by Texas general practitioners participating in a preferred provider network was compared to the proportion of these procedures performed by students graduating from the three Texas dental schools(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of a fluoridated etching gel on the shear bond strength of a composite resin to enamel. A total of 75 extracted human permanent molars were used. A flat enamel surface was obtained with 600-grit silicon carbide paper and cleaned with a rubber cup and a water slurry of fine flour of pumice. The teeth were(More)
Cornstarch powder on latex examination gloves acts as an airborne carrier of natural latex allergens resulting in cutaneous, conjunctival, and/or respiratory responses to latex, a particular concern in a dental school environment where concentrated use of latex examination gloves occurs. This study measured airborne powder levels associated with a trial(More)
Samples of four composites (Herculite, Visio-Dispers, Silux, and Prisma-Fil) were finished with aluminum-oxide discs either wet or dry so that the effects of these two finishing procedures could be compared. The samples were evaluated for surface smoothness, color stability, and surface hardness. Surface smoothness was determined immediately after a sample(More)