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Tetanic stimulation increases the frequency of miniature end-plate potentials at the frog neuromuscular junction in Mn2+-, CO2+-, and Ni2+-saline solutions
The effects of Mn2+, Co2+, and of Ni2+ on quantal acetylcholine (ACh) release have been studied with conventional microelectrode techniques. Increasing the [Co2+]0 or [Ni2+]0 (in the absence ofExpand
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At the frog neuromuscular junction prostaglandin synthase inhibitors depress and PGE2 partially restores quantal acetylcholine release
Abstract Indomethacin and 5,8,11,14-eicosatetraynoic acid inhibit prostaglandin synthesis. The drugs irreversibly decreased quantal acetylcholine (ACh) release at the frog neuromuscular junction andExpand
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The interaction of extracellular H+, Na+, Ca2+ and Sr2+ on the decay of miniature end-plate currents
We suggested previously that increases in the extracellular [Ca2+] or [Mg2+] lengthen miniature end-plate currents (m.e.p.c.s.) because the divalent cations decrease the negative surface potential onExpand
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