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The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory has performed a third science run with much improved sensitivities of all three interferometers. We present an analysis of approximately 200 hours of data acquired during this run, used to search for a stochastic background of gravitational radiation. We place upper bounds on the energy density stored(More)
We present a LIGO search for short-duration gravitational waves (GWs) associated with soft gamma ray repeater (SGR) bursts. This is the first search sensitive to neutron star f modes, usually considered the most efficient GW emitting modes. We find no evidence of GWs associated with any SGR burst in a sample consisting of the 27 Dec. 2004 giant flare from(More)
1. The effects of excitatory amino acids on [3H]-inositol phosphate levels have been examined in rat cortical slices under basal conditions or following agonist stimulation. 2. Ibotenate and quisqualate provoked a substantial dose-dependent (EC50, 30 microM and 20 microM respectively) increase in inositol phosphates; these responses were not additive(More)
  • Machado, C A Ayala, +20 authors D S Mccutchan
  • 2003
axenically in vitro using supplemented RPMI 1640 medium, and at intervals after the stationary phase (21 days) they were passaged into new cultures containing each drug or both drugs (hygromycin, 150 mg ml 21 ; G418, 120 mg ml 21). Second, mammalian cell (Vero) monolayers were infected with P1-hyg and P2-neo using stationary-phase, mixed axenic cultures(More)
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