William Trost

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We have built an experimental link-level authenticated ad hoc routing protocol and integrated it with the PSU version of Mobile-IP. The routing protocol is intended to address survivability and link security issues. In our modiied version of Mobile-IP, we authenticate ICMP router discovery packets, which are sent by both Mobile-IP agents and mobile nodes.(More)
OBJECTIVE To standardize and objectivize treatment response assessment in oncology, guidelines have been proposed that are driven by radiological measurements, which are typically communicated in free-text reports defying automated processing. We study through inter-annotator agreement and natural language processing (NLP) algorithm development the task of(More)
Radiological measurements are one of the key variables in widely adopted guidelines (WHO, RECIST) that standardize and objectivize response assessment in oncology care. Measurements are typically described in free-text, narrative radiology reports. We present a natural language processing pipeline that extracts measurements from radiology reports and pairs(More)
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