William Towne

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This study describes a new method (NM) for estimation of sinoatrial conduction time (SACT), which utilizes constant atrial pacing (AP) instead of the premature atrial beats (PABs) used in the method reported in 1973 by Strauss et al. The SACTs were obtained by both methods in 20 patients. The SACT by the Strauss method (SM) was calculated as A2A3 minus(More)
A patient is described with severe diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperkalemia who presented with an ECG resembling an acute anterior wall myocardial infarction. Treatment of hyperkalemia resulted in prompt return of the ECG towards normal. Subsequent work-up including exercise testing and selective coronary arteriography ruled out any significant coronary(More)
A total of 42 American Black patients with mitral valve prolapse and 194 healthy individuals of similar ethnic background were tested for the distribution of various HLA antigens and ABO blood groups. The most significant result was an increased frequency of Bw35 in patients (74%) as compared with controls (39%), with a P value of less than 0.0001; the(More)
A thirty-five-year-old woman with Noonan's syndrome (Turner phenotype with normal chromosome pattern) had mitral valve prolapse and mitral insufficiency associated with the auscultatory findings of a midsystolic click and late systolic murmur. Selective left-ventricular angiocardiography also showed eccentric hypertrophy of the left ventricle. To our(More)
We have described two patients with primary meningococcal pericarditis. The first patient required open surgical drainage. In the second patient, pericardiectomy was eventually required. Thirteen cases of primary meningococcal pericarditis have now been reported. All the patients survived, in contrast to purulent pericarditis of other causes.
In a patient with pseudomonas endocarditis a pulmonary regurgitant murmur developed. Sequential echocardiography demonstrated the initial absence of vegetations, the evolution of pulmonary valve vegetations with relapse and finally the apperance of vegetations on all cardiac valves. The findings were confirmed at autopsy. Echocardiography, a useful(More)
His bundle electrograms were recorded in 308 adults with chronic bundle branch block. The A-H interval was normal in 249 patients and prolonged in 59. Comparison of patients with normal and prolonged A-H intervals revealed a greater incidence of demonstrable organic heart disease in the latter (P less than 0.01). Dyspnea, cardiomegaly and congestive heart(More)
Echocardiographic studies were made of 20 healthy patients scheduled for minor surgical procedures to determine whether this technique could be used routinely in the operating room and to evaluate the effects of halothane and enflurane on left ventricular performance. Thirteen minutes following induction of anesthesia with halothane in ten patients (mean(More)