William Tomaselli

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In a world of continuous growth of economies and global population eco-sustainability is of outmost relevance. Especially, mobile broadband networks are facing an exponential growing traffic volume and so the sustainability of these networks comes into focus. The recently completed European funded Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) project EARTH has studied(More)
The overall goal of the EARTH project is to identify concepts that will further improve the energy efficiency of wireless access networks. This paper elaborates on radio node level issues addressed by the project. The focus is on radio base station components and radio link concepts to adopt the potential for energy efficiency offered by holistic joint(More)
Nowadays, energy efficiency has become a major issue in mobile networks operation. Due to the exponential rise in the number of wireless Internet-connected mobile devices reducing electrical energy consumption is not only a matter of showing environmental responsibility, but also of substantially reducing their operational expenditure. However, energy(More)
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