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Recent theory suggests that action prediction relies of a motor emulation mechanism that works by mapping observed actions onto the observer action system so that predictions can be generated using that same predictive mechanisms that underlie action control. This suggests that action prediction may be more accurate when there is a more direct mapping(More)
Rapid development of spoken language dialog applications requires a domain-portable dialog framework and the ability to re-use dialogs which have already been created. Satisfying this goal should not come at the expense of dialog flexibility and naturalness. Current frameworks which enable dialog re-use typically do so by linking dialogs sequentially in a(More)
A Situated Conversational Agent (SCA) is an agent that engages in dialog about the context within which it is embedded. Situated dialog is characterized by its deep connection to the embedding context, and the precise cross-timing of linguistic and non-linguistic actions. This paper describes initial research into the construction of an SCA that engages in(More)
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