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Nutrient dynamics in an agricultural watershed: Observations on the role of a riparian forest
Nutrient (C, N, and P) concentration changes were measured in surface runoff and shallow groundwater as they moved through a small agricultural (cropland) watershed located in Maryland. During theExpand
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Responses of Trace Gas Fluxes and N Availability to Experimentally Elevated Soil Temperatures
We are conducting a field study to determine the long-term response of belowground processes to elevated soil temperatures in a mixed deciduous forest. We established 18 experimental plots andExpand
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Symptoms of nitrogen saturation in two central Appalachian hardwood forest ecosystems
By synthesizing more than twenty years of research at the Fernow Experimental Forest, we have documented 7 symptoms of nitrogen saturation in two adjacent watersheds. The symptoms include: 1) highExpand
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Processes controlling ammonia volatilization from chihuahuan desert soils
Abstract Ammonia volatilization was measured at three sites in the Chihuahuan Desert of southern New Mexico, U.S.A. In dry soils, ammonia volatilization ranged from 9 to 11 μg Nm −2 day −1 , butExpand
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Nitrogen loss from deserts in the southwestern United States
A lower limit for nitrogen loss from desert ecosystems in the southwestern United States was estimated by comparing nitrogen inputs to the amount of nitrogen stored in desert soils and vegetation.Expand
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Factors Controlling Denitrification in a Chihuahuan Desert Ecosystem
Denitrification may be an important pathway for N loss from desert ecosystems. Few studies, however, have investigated the factors limiting this process in a desert environment. A factorialExpand
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Nutrient limitation in soils exhibiting differing nitrogen availabilities: what lies beyond nitrogen saturation?
The nature of nutrient limitation in large areas of temperate forest may be changing due to human activities. As N availability in these forests increases, other nutrients could increasinglyExpand
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Denitrification: Enzyme content and activity in desert soils
Abstract The content of denitrifying enzymes in upland desert soil was strongly associated with indices of N and C availability. Combinations of several predictors could explain 71% of the varianceExpand
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Patterns of nitrogen availability within a forested watershed exhibiting symptoms of nitrogen saturation
Watershed 4 (WS 4) at the Fernow experimental forest in West Virginia shows several symptoms of N saturation. Surprisingly, however, past measurements of N2O production suggest that a portion of WS 4Expand
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Effects of nitrogen fertilization on the fluxes of N2O, CH4, and CO2 from soils in a Florida slash pine plantation
We measured fluxes of N2O, CH4 and CO2 from control and urea-nitrogen fertilized soils of a mature slash pine (Pinuselliottii var. elliottii Englem.) plantation in Alachua County, Florida. TheExpand
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