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This document provides supplemental guidance on specifications for the development and implementation of studies to validate the performance characteristics of quantitative ELISA methods for the determination of food allergens. It is intended as a companion document to other existing publications on method validation. The guidance is divided into two(More)
and anonymous JMR reviewers provided useful comments. 1 Traditional economic theory calls for firms to maximize shareholder wealth. However, managers often do not explicitly pursue the maximization of profits (Mueller 1992). Instead, they frequently make decisions so as to perform well relative to their competitors, which we refer to as having(More)
This paper describes the need and the search to date for a normative moral foundation for marketing. Social contract theory appears promising because of its clear correspondence to the exchange relationships central to marketing thought and practice. It is introduced in a specific formulation known as Integrative Social Contracts Theory. ISCT provides a(More)
This research uses original data from matched pairs of insurers and their independent agents to examine whether it is possible to build committed relationships between insurers and independent agents, how such commitment could be built, and whether any benefits are realized in such relationships. It is shown that mutual commitment can be built by a process(More)
While the aged as a group have better access to health care since the inception of Medicare, there are subsets of the population that are still vulnerable to large out-of-pocket expenses. The focus of this analysis is on those segments of the Medicare population which are particularly vulnerable to access problems due to their personal characteristics. In(More)
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Daily deal coupons have gained a prominent foothold on the web. The earliest and largest player is Groupon. Originally, Groupon deals were a mix of deals with a minimum requirement (<i>MR</i>) of coupon sales before a deal became effective and of deals without a minimum requirement (<i>NMR</i>). Eventually, Groupon stopped using <i>MR</i> deals. For Groupon(More)
BACKGROUND Women and minorities remain underrepresented in orthopaedic surgery. In an attempt to increase the diversity of those entering the physician workforce, Nth Dimensions implemented a targeted pipeline curriculum that includes the Orthopaedic Summer Internship Program. The program exposes medical students to the specialty of orthopaedic surgery and(More)