William T Divale

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tion, labor investment, skill, and the organization of ceramic production in late prehispanic highland Peru. American Antiquity 60:619–39. d o b r e , m. 1995. Gender and prehistoric technology: On the social agency of technical strategies. World Archaeology 27: 25–49. e e r k e n s , j. w. 1997. Variability in Later Mesolithic micro-liths of northern(More)
Acknowledgement: The bibliography listed here was compiled primarily by Douglas R. White, Ph.D. who is also the author of the article describing this bibliography. Dr. White was the founder and for many years the Editor of the journal World Cultures. The massive amount of work and the intellectual achievement of the bibliography, which was begun by George(More)
From the foods we eat and the houses we construct, to our religious practices and political organization, to who we can marry and the types of games we teach our children, the diversity of cultural practices in the world is astounding. Yet, our ability to visualize and understand this diversity is limited by the ways it has been documented and shared: on a(More)
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