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An outbreak of C. jejuni enteritis involving participants of a jogging rally is described. Information was obtained by questionnaire about food consumption, incubation period, duration of illness and symptomatology. A drink prepared with raw milk was incriminated as vehicle of the outbreak. More than 500 runners were symptomatic with an attack rate of over(More)
During a four months' period we have monitored the drinking water of the city of Berlin for its ATP-content and for its Total Colony Count. After concentrating the drinking water by a factor of 1000 by filtration, we obtained ATP-values which were always significantly above the blanks. The profile of the ATP-values roughly paralleled that of the Colony(More)
In this letter, a technique for enhancement of bandwidth along with gain is proposed here. This article deals with design, modeling and simulation of slotted antenna. A star shaped parasitic patch is introduced in the centre of antenna to improve the gain along with the bandwidth by exciting additional resonances. For enhancing bandwidth, a slotted approach(More)
Similar to Agrobacterium tumerfaciens, Agrobacterium rhizogenes can transfer foreign DNAs into plant cells based on the autonomous root-inducing (Ri) plasmid. A. rhizogenes can cause hairy root formation on plant tissues and form composite plants after transformation. On these composite plants, some of the regenerated roots are transgenic, carrying the wild(More)
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