William Stayton

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Clergy and religious leaders are facing a wide variety of sexual needs and concerns within their faith communities. Conflicts over sexual issues are growing across the entire spectrum of religious denominations, and clerics remain ill prepared to deal with them. As religious communities work to remain influential in public policy debates, clergy and the(More)
The health professional can be helpful to the adolescent, the adolescent's family, and the community through participating in and initiating local sex education programs. Religious settings provide a great potential for sexuality education within a value framework. A helpful curriculum will include the meaning of sexuality; developing a positive concept of(More)
3 aspects of China's population policy are discussed and contrasted to the U.S. debate on the morality of birth control and abortion. By the year 2000 China will add to its one billion population, a 1/4 of the current earth's population today, the present population of the U.S. if their growth rate remains the same; however, no destitution or starvation(More)
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