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We introduce GridNexus, a graphical system for creating and executing scientific workflows in a grid environment 1.. GridNexus allows the user to assemble complex processes involving data retrieval, analysis and visualization by building a directed acyclic graph in a visual environment. Workflows in GridNexus are described by a script written in a language(More)
The molecular drivers of thymoma are poorly understood. Outside of the identification of rarely occurring epidermal growth factor receptor and v-kit Hardy-Zuckerman 4 feline sarcoma viral oncogene homolog mutations via candidate gene sequencing, mutations in common cancer genes have yet to be observed. Only a single thymoma genome sequence has been(More)
Interpretation of human genomes is a major challenge. We present the Scripps Genome ADVISER (SG-ADVISER) suite, which aims to fill the gap between data generation and genome interpretation by performing holistic, in-depth, annotations and functional predictions on all variant types and effects. The SG-ADVISER suite includes a de-identification tool, a(More)
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