William Seunghyun Sohn

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PURPOSE When penile skin is available, onlay flap reconstruction is an excellent choice for 1-stage repair of complex hypospadias and strictures involving the glans, fossa navicularis and penile urethra. When the urethra is deficient circumferentially, tube flaps are an option but there is a high failure rate. We report our 8-year experience with 1-stage(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if selective immune unresponsiveness to microbial antigens is associated with predisposition to rheumatoid arthritis (RA). METHODS Proteins from Proteus mirabilis lysate were isolated by SDS-PAGE and examined by Western blotting for antibody responses in sera from patients with RA compared to healthy subjects and patients with(More)
Intracellular Hsp70 provides cytoprotection against a variety of stressful stimuli, and an effective means of increasing intracellular Hsp70 levels could prove beneficial in the prevention and treatment of a variety of human diseases. A novel protein transduction domain consisting of the single chain Fv fragment of an anti-DNA antibody known to penetrate(More)
Intrinsic functional connectivity from resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging (rsfMRI) has increasingly received attention as a possible predictor of cognitive function and performance. In this study, we investigated the influence of practicing skillful tool manipulation on intrinsic functional connectivity in the resting brain. Acquisition of(More)
We investigate the changes in functional connectivity of the left and right hippocampus by comparing the resting-state low-frequency fluctuations in the blood oxygen level-dependent signal from these regions with relation to Alzheimer disease (AD) progression. AD patients were divided into subgroups based on the clinical dementia rating (CDR) scores.(More)
Recent studies have shown that blood oxygen level-dependent low-frequency (<0.1 Hz) fluctuations (LFFs) during a resting-state exhibit a high degree of correlation with other regions that share cognitive function. Initial studies of resting-state network mapping have focused primarily on major networks such as the default mode network, primary motor,(More)
Minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery has become to replace many of the open procedures in urology because of the obvious benefits in perioperative morbidity. However, because of the technical challenges and steep learning curve, the adoption of laparoscopy has been limited to only highly skilled laparoscopic surgeons. The introduction of the da Vinci(More)
Brain connectivity analyses have been widely performed to investigate the organization and functioning of the brain, or to observe changes in neurological or psychiatric conditions. However, connectivity analysis inevitably introduces the problem of mass-univariate hypothesis testing. Although, several cluster-wise correction methods have been suggested to(More)
The differences in how our brain is connected are often thought to reflect the differences in our individual personalities and cognitive abilities. Individual differences in brain connectivity has long been recognized in the neuroscience community however it has yet to manifest itself in the methodology of resting state analysis. This is evident as previous(More)
Crystallographic properties of silicide mediated crystallization (SMC) polycrystalline silicon (poly Si) and excimer laser annealing (ELA) poly Si were studied by electron backscattered diffraction. Large-grain sized poly Si with a large fraction of low-angle grain boundaries was acquired by SMC, and small-grain sized poly Si with high-angle grain(More)