William Schmitt

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We introduce a noncommutative binary operation on matroids, called free product. We show that this operation respects matroid duality, and has the property that, given only the cardinalities, an ordered pair of matroids may be recovered, up to isomorphism, from its free product. We use these results to give a short proof of Welsh's 1969 conjecture, which(More)
We report the results of whole-genome transcriptional profiling of the light-to-dark transition with the model photosynthetic prokaryote Synechocystis sp. strain PCC 6803 (Synechocystis). Experiments were conducted by growing Synechocystis cultures to mid-exponential phase and then exposing them to two cycles of light/dark conditions, during which RNA(More)
We study the combinatorial, algebraic and geometric properties of the free product operation on matroids. After giving cryptomorphic definitions of free product in terms of independent sets, bases, circuits, closure, flats and rank function, we show that free product, which is a noncommutative operation, is associative and respects matroid duality. The free(More)
  • Jennifer E Vitale, Chad A Brinkley, Kristina D Hiatt, Joseph P Newman, William Schmitt, Keith Meverden +4 others
  • 2007
Research on psychopathy in women has generated equivocal laboratory findings. This study examined the performance of psychopathic women in 2 laboratory tasks designed to assess abnormal selective attention associated with response modulation deficits: a computerized picture–word (PW) task, and a picture–word Stroop (PW Stroop) task. Consistent with data(More)
  • Jennifer E Vitale, Joseph P Newman, William Schmitt, Keith Meverden, Jenny Bussey, Melanie +1 other
  • 2004
Recent attempts to validate the Psychopathy Checklist—Revised (PCL-R; R. D. Hare, 1991) as a measure of psychopathy in female offenders have been limited by a failure to examine laboratory correlates of the syndrome. We assessed 112 incarcerated women by using the PCL-R and examined their performance on a card perseveration task that has been used to(More)