William Schmitt

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Of the various theoretical frameworks [2, 5, 8, lo] that have been proposed for the purpose of explaining in a unified way the combinatorial significance of algebraic operations on formal power series, regarded as generating functions, the most general and flexible, if not always the most transparent, has been and remains the notion of incidence algebra as(More)
We introduce a noncommutative binary operation on matroids, called free product. We show that this operation respects matroid duality, and has the property that, given only the cardinalities, an ordered pair of matroids may be recovered, up to isomorphism, from its free product. We use these results to give a short proof of Welsh's 1969 conjecture, which(More)
We study the combinatorial, algebraic and geometric properties of the free product operation on matroids. After giving cryptomorphic definitions of free product in terms of independent sets, bases, circuits, closure, flats and rank function, we show that free product, which is a noncommutative operation, is associative and respects matroid duality. The free(More)
The critical processing parameters affecting average particle size, particle size distribution, yield, and level of residual carrier solvent using the supercritical anti-solvent method (SAS) were identified. Carbon dioxide was used as the supercritical fluid. Methylprednisolone acetate was used as the model solute in tetrahydrofuran. Parameters examined(More)