William Schell

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Results of an cxperimelllal srudy ,,(fatiguefmelllre of geometrical/y similar high·strength concrete specimens of ven different si~es are reported and anal\'~ed. Three·poilll bend notched hean1.1 1.5. 4.24. and J:! in. deep were subjected 10 eselic loading H'ith a "m'er load limit of O.07Pc and an upper limiT het1l'een 0.73 and O.1!4 Pc. where Pc = maximum(More)
The executable specification language PAISLey and its environment are presented as a case study in the design of computer languages. It is shown that PAISLey is unusual (and for some features unique) in having the following desirable features: (1) there is both synchronous and asynchronous parallelism free of mutual-exclusion problems, (2) all computations(More)
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