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HYPOTHESIS Biological dressings can be effective tools in the management of enteric fistulas, which are the nemesis of exposed viscera. DESIGN Retrospective review of medical records. SETTING University-affiliated level I trauma center. PATIENTS Patients with open abdominal cavities and coexistent intestinal fistulas who were treated between January(More)
HYPOTHESIS During terrorist-related multiple-casualty events (TMCEs), the role of the surgeon expands beyond providing traditional trauma care. DESIGN Survey and expert opinion poll. SETTING Interviews (structured, open/closed questions) conducted in 14 Israeli hospitals. PARTICIPANTS Sixty hospital physicians selected for their experience in TMCEs.(More)
Healthcare professionals require a unique knowledge base to function effectively during a hospital's response to a mass-casualty incident (MCI). A survey of 128 physicians, nurses, and emergency medical technicians involved in trauma care was conducted to assess their knowledge base and how it affected their decision-making in response to a MCI following a(More)
The elderly constitute the fastest growing sector of the population of the United Stated and geriatric trauma patients are presenting for care with increasing frequency. These patients are challenging particularly because of their vulnerability to severe injury, limited physiologic response to stress, and frequent presence of comorbid medical conditions(More)
A thorough understanding of the anatomy and neurophysiology of the pain response is necessary for the effective treatment of perioperative pain. This article describes the mechanisms that produce pain,including those related to inflammation. Other topics include the pharmacologies of nonopioid and opioid analgesics. Nonopioid analgesics can be separated(More)
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