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S • • • It is an interesting accident that the authors of the three papers in this maiden issue of Computing Surveys, together with its editor, span the United States geographically {East Coast,(More)
brace yourself. But don't stop reading! You will find these words and others of the same ilk sprinkled throughout both papers in this issue. If you skim over those words once lightly, you can still(More)
the three papers in this issue of Computing Surveys are remarkable indeed. For example , Professor Peter Denning 1 discusses programs which are broken up into pieces (called "pages" or "segments")(More)
With this, the sixth, issue of Computing Surveys, I am pleased to announce that two highly competent computer experts have agreed to become editors of Computing Surveys and lend their talents and(More)
This issue of Computzng Surveys marks the beginning of the ACM survey and tu-torlal's second year of existence. Interestingly enough it also marks the publica-tion's first venture, albeit with some(More)