William S. Small

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In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, difficulty accessing syringes at night has been shown to be strongly associated with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) risk behavior among the city's injection drug users (IDUs). On September 1, 2001, the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU) initiated an unsanctioned all-night needle-exchange program on a(More)
Annexin A6 (AnxA6) is highly expressed in hypertrophic and terminally differentiated growth plate chondrocytes. Rib chondrocytes isolated from newborn AnxA6-/- mice showed delayed terminal differentiation as indicated by reduced terminal differentiation markers, including alkaline phosphatase, matrix metalloproteases-13, osteocalcin, and runx2, and reduced(More)
AIMS Efforts to prevent youth from initiating injection drug use require an understanding of the drug use patterns that predispose to injecting. Here we identify such patterns and describe the circumstances of first injection among street youth. METHODS From October 2005 to November 2007, data were collected for the At Risk Youth Study, a prospective(More)
So-called "balanced" drug policy couples enforcement initiatives targeting drug dealers with health-focused interventions serving addicted individuals. There are few evaluations of this approach, and little is known about how these two populations may overlap. We evaluated factors associated with drug dealing among injection drug users (IDUs) in Vancouver,(More)
Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and angiotensin II (AII) type 1 receptor antagonists have strong cytostatic properties on in vitro cultures of many normal and neoplastic cells. They are effective, in particular, in reducing the growth of human lung fibroblasts, renal canine epithelial cells, bovine adrenal endothelial cells, simian T(More)
BACKGROUND Due to the popularity of public service announcements (PSAs), as well as the broader health and social harms associated with illicit drug use, this study sought to investigate how drug prevention messages found in the Government of Canada's DrugsNot4Me campaign were understood, experienced, and engaged with among a group of street-involved young(More)
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