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DNA polymerase activity was detected in each of eight preparations of concentrated human hepatitis B antigen (HBAg) rich in Dane particles prepared by high-speed centrifugation of antigen-positive human plasma and in none of seven control preparations prepared in the same way from HBAg-negative plasma. The incorporation of(More)
Particles containing DNA polymerase (Dane particles) were purified from the plasma of chronic carriers of hepatitis B antigen. After a DNA polymerase reaction with purified Dane particle preparations treated with Nonidet P-40 detergent, Dane particle core structures containing radioactive DNA product were isolated by sedimentation in a sucrose density(More)
Radioactive DNA was prepared in extensive (4 h) Dane particle DNA polymerase reactions. In different experiments the amount of new DNA, determined by the amount of nucleotide incorporation into an acid-insoluble form, was between 29 and 45% of the total circular DNA isolated from Dane particle preparations after the reaction. DNA reassociation kinetics were(More)
PLC/PRF/5, a tissue culture cell line isolated from a human hepatocellular carcinoma and producing hepatitis B surface antigen, was studied for the presence of hepatitis B virus (HBV)-specific DNA and RNA. PLC/PRF/5 cell DNA accelerated the rate of reassociation of HBV [32P]DNA, and quantitative experiments indicated that the cells contained approximately(More)
Although several studies have been done to analyze the peptides of purified 22-nm HbsAg particles, no information has been published about the peptides of the core of the Dane particle which bears the other hepatitis B viral antigen. HbcAg. Dane particles and Dane particle cores (produced by NP-40 treatment of Dane particles) were purified by equilibrium(More)