William S. Hatcher

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The plate loop count as described in Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products, 13th Edition, was investigated as a simplified technique for determining total viable counts in single strength orange juice. This pro cedure requires the use of standardized loops (0.01 and 0.001) for making serial dilutions in stead of pipets and dilution bottles.(More)
Religion and science are often perceived as being, to some degree, in opposition to each other. The reasons for such a view are considered, and are seen to derive from a certain particular conception of science and of religion: On the one hand, scientific method is viewed as too rigorous and restrictive to apply to religion, while on the other hand,(More)
by W.S.HATCHER and A.SHAFAAT in Quebec (Canada)’) Classically an identity is a statement of the form (1) Vxl , . . . , xn(p = q) where p and q are polynomials in the variables x1 , . . . , 2,. In [ 13 this notion is generalized to arbitrary categories in the following way: First we observe than an identity (1) can bt. considered as an ordered pair (p, q), p(More)