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Enterprise Integration: The Essential Guide to Integration Solutions
“The book's use of real-world case study vignettes really does go to the heart of the subject matter. This stuff is real, it has real applicability to real problems, and, as with most things in life,Expand
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Project Athena as a distributed computer system
Project Athena, established in 1983 to improve the quality of education at MIT (Massachussetts Institute of Technology) by providing campuswide, high-quality computing based on a large network of workstations, is discussed, focusing on the design of Athena's distributed workstation system. Expand
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Visualizing the Internet: putting the user in the driver's seat
Interactive visualization of the Internet using computer graphics and visualization methods. Expand
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Case study: visualizing Internet resources
The goal is to improve the ability of people from all walks of life and interests to access, search, and use the information distributed in Internet resources. Expand
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Information visualization: the next frontier
We explore the role of data visualization methods, software, and hardware in presenting the rather abstract information contained in data bases. Expand
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Dealing with the Data Deluge. Visualization and Data Management
This paper describes solutions to some difficulties with handling, querying, browsing, accessing, and retrieving data and information from large distributed repositories of complex data andinformation. Expand
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FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION Statement of Policy Regarding Communications in Connection With the Collection of Decedents’ Debts
1 An enforcement policy statement describes the Commission’s future enforcement plans, goals, and objectives with respect to a particular industry or practice. Enforcement policy statements do notExpand
Information Highways: Internet and Web Services