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The position of the seat relative to the rear wheels is generally adjusted to modify the rearward stability of the wheelchair. Recent studies have shown that seat position also has an effect on propulsion biomechanics and suggest that seat position can be optimized. A quasi-static wheelchair propulsion model was developed to investigate the mechanism by(More)
Smith-Magenis syndrome (SMS; OMIM 182290) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by a well-defined pattern of anomalies. The majority of cases are due to a common deletion in chromosome 17p11.2 that includes the RAI1 gene. In children with SMS, autistic-like behaviors and symptoms start to emerge around 18 months of age. This study included 26(More)
Incidence of upper-limb overuse injuries among the manual wheelchair population has been found to be associated with hand-rim loading characteristics such as impact and peak loading on the hand rim during propulsion. One proposed method to reduce impact and peak loading is the use of a compliant hand rim, one that can displace relative to the wheel when(More)
The surgery theory of Browder, Lashof and Shaneson reduces the study of high-dimensional smooth knots n , ! S n+2 with 1 = Zto homotopy theory. We apply Williams's Poincar e embedding theorem to the unstable normal invariant : S n+2 ? ! (M=@M) of a Seifert surface M n+1 , ! S n+2. Then a knot is determined by its complement if the Z-cover of the complement(More)
This is the translation of the Mizar article containing readable Mizar proofs of some axiomatic geometry theorems formulated by the great Polish mathematician Alfred Tarski [8], and we hope to continue this work. The article is an extension and upgrading of the source code written by the first author with the help of miz3 tool; his primary goal was to use(More)
We study the purely topological restrictions on allowed spin and statistics of topological solitons in nonlinear sigma models. Taking as space the connected d-manifold X, and considering nonlinear sigma models with the connected man-ifold M as target space, topological solitons are given by elements of π d (M). Any topological soliton α ∈ π d (M) determines(More)