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The characteristics of Agrobacterium-mediated plant transformation are such that the T-DNA can be used as an insertional mutagen and, by extension, a gene tag. An increasing number of mutants have been obtained as a result of T-DNA insertion and the versatility of this experimental system can be exploited further to tag sequences of DNA which control gene(More)
Reverse-micelle forming amphiphilic homopolymers with carboxylic acid and quaternary amine substituents are used to selectively enrich biomarker peptides and protein fragments from human serum prior to matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry (MALDI-MS) analysis. After depletion of human serum albumin (HSA) and immunoglobulin G (IgG),(More)
Procyanidln B-2 3. is subject o facile C-rin« iIOmerizatioDS in O.IM NaHCO3 solution to form a novel aeri~ of 3,4,9,1o-tetrahydro2H,8H-pyraoo[2,~chro~ 1. 2, and 10.. The low perren~e conversion of Bto A-type procyanidin 2 is rationalized in ternw of an initial oxidative removal of hydride ion at C-2 (C-rin&). Proantbocyanidin A-2 1 (-)~icatechin(4.8 8, 2.8(More)
Electrochemical and spectroscopic investigations were performed in order to clarify the mechanism of 4nitrobenzene diazonium reduction on glassy carbon in protic medium. The number and nature of the electron transfer processes were found to be strongly correlated to the electrode surface state. On polished electrode two different reduction peaks were(More)
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