William Rebernak

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This paper presents a dynamic bias control system applied to a high power wideband amplifier. The amplifier used is based on a push-pull topology with LDMOS transistors and works in the 50-500 MHz frequency bandwidth. It delivers a nominal 100 W output power with 60% power-added efficiency (PAE) when it is fed with continuous signals. When it is driven by a(More)
Software defined radios (SDR) platforms are increasingly complex systems which combine great flexibility and high performance. These two characteristics, together with highly integrated architectures make production test a challenging task. In this paper, we introduce an Radio Frequency (RF) Built-in Self-Test (BIST) strategy based on Periodically(More)
This paper presents the design and the performances of a tunable UHF filter that uses MEMS capacitors arrays. Central frequency of the filter varies from 278 to 385 MHz and can be adjusted by actuating a desired number of MEMS. Thanks to a specific topology and well-chosen input and output tank circuits, the absolute bandwidth varies from 13 to 14 MHz and(More)
Software-defined radio (SDR) development aims for increased speed and flexibility. The advent of these systemlevel requirements on the physical layer (PHY) access hardware is leading to more complex architectures, which together with higher levels of integration pose a challenging problem for product testing. For radio units that must be field-upgradeable(More)
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