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The purpose of these studies was to determine the effects of uric acid (UA) and inosine administration on xanthine oxidoreductase activity in broilers. In experiment one, 25 broilers were assigned to 5 treatment groups: control, AL (25 mg of allopurinol/kg of body mass), AR (AL for 2 wk followed by allopurinol withdrawal over wk 3), UAF (AL plus 6.25 g of(More)
Studies of thyroid activity following hypothalamic lesions have provided indirect evidence of TSH influence on the pars distalis of birds. The present study examined the influence of hypothalamic lesions on TSH assays of the rostral and caudal lobes of the pars distalis. Lesions of the septomesencephalic tract increased TSH levels in the rostral lobe but(More)
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