William R. Unger

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The ability of CGP 3466B to attenuate the behavioural and morphological consequences of experimentally induced cell death was investigated in a recently updated animal model of Parkinson's disease. 6-Hydroxydopamine was infused bilaterally into the substantia nigra pars compacta of rats that were pretreated with desimipramine. Treatment with CGP 3466B(More)
The authors provided a differential test between stimulus-stimulus (S-S) and stimulus-response (S-R) theory predictions in regard to the roles that the constructs of expectancy and of fear play in maintaining classically conditioned fear responding within the context of a human conditioned-avoidance paradigm. After the participants had developed sustained(More)
In the clinic, predicted normal values are widely used for routine assessments and, therefore, it is important that the noted differences in lung volumes between the races are recognized. Further epidemiological studies, using comparative methods and standard statistical techniques, are essential in order to quantify apparent differences between the races(More)
Adenylate kinase activity was measured in 41 samples of cerebrospinal fluid in 34 patients with various neurological disorders or psychiatric symptomatologies. Activities of the enzyme showed to be linked to clinically estimated acuteness or progression of the changes in the central nervous system at the time of specimen collection. The findings suggest the(More)
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