William R Pratt

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Using data from the 2008 Cross-Border Utilization of Health Care Survey, we examined the relationship between United States (US) health insurance coverage plans and the use of health care services in Mexico by US residents of the US-Mexico border region. We found immigrants were far more likely to be uninsured than their native-born counterparts (63 vs.(More)
PURPOSE Underpinned by increased confidence in cure of metastatic seminoma by chemotherapy during the past 12 years, three management strategies for Stage I seminoma have been evaluated by six collaborating centers within the Anglian Germ Cell Tumor Group. This paper evaluates the efficacy of surveillance, prophylactic radiotherapy and adjuvant(More)
Techniques for intraoperative leg length equalization are based on measurements between fixed points on the pelvis and femur. These techniques have not been reliable because they are based on accurate femur repositioning. We examined the error that results from inaccurate femur repositioning during total hip arthroplasty. Total hip arthroplasty was(More)
PURPOSE Evaluate the association between driving distance to the US-Mexico border and rural-urban differences in the use of health services in Mexico by US border residents from Texas. METHODS Data for this study come from the Cross-Border Utilization of Health Care Survey, a population-based telephone survey conducted in the Texas border region in spring(More)
The author examined the relationship among factors influencing the career satisfaction of 2,105 physicians. Data from the 2005 Community Tracking Study Physician Survey were used to obtain 5 latent factors. Structural equation modeling was then applied to extract information on factor interrelationships with physician satisfaction. The main results indicate(More)
Hospitals are facing substantial financial and economic pressure as a result of health plan payment restructuring, unfunded mandates, and other factors. This article analyzes the relationship between free cash flow (FCF) and hospital efficiency given these financial challenges. Data from 270 California hospitals were used to estimate a stochastic frontier(More)
The author explored the relation between focus centers in multihospital systems and net revenue. Research included related topics such as the multihospital system as a response to regulatory banning of specialty hospitals and the relations between the number of focus centers, median income, bed size, morbidity rates, net revenue, and patient days. To(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examines the availability of electronic prescription and the utilization of e-prescribing by physicians in the US. METHODS Nationally representative data from the 2004-2005 Community Tracking Study Physician Survey were used to identify which subgroups of physicians have access to e-prescribing technology and which subgroups are(More)
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