William R. Moser

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The FAA, carrier airlines and passengers are all familiar with the inefficiencies and costs that result from delays in the air transportation system. A significant portion of the delays are associated with operations on or near the surface of major airports. There continues to be keen interest in improving efficiency of surface operations in order to reduce(More)
The Tower Flight Data Manager (TFDM) will serve as the next generation air traffic control tower automation platform for surface and local airspace operations. TFDM provides three primary enhancements over current systems: consolidation of diverse data and information sources into a single platform; electronic data exchange, including flight data entries,(More)
263 T hunderstorms are a dominant cause of commercial aircraft delays in the United States and their impact is worsening, as shown in Figure 1. Although they are highly dynamic and are difficult to forecast over multi-hour time periods, these thunderstorms do not normally completely shut down airspace. Their effects, however, are fundamentally at odds with(More)
The Tower Flight Data Manager (TFDM) is a new terminal automation platform that will provide an integrated tower-user display suite including an extended electronic flight strip or “flight data management” (FDM) display. The integrated information exchange and processing environment established by TFDM will support a suite of(More)
A well-known result of Sacks [24] states that if A is nonrecursive, then the set {B : A ≤ T B} has measure zero. Thus, from a measure-theoretic perspective, a ``good'' (i.e., nonrecursive) oracle is hard to beat in the partial order of Turing degrees. We show that analogous results hold for the standard notions of inductive inference, as well as for the(More)
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