William R. Harris

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Millions of computer end users need to perform tasks over large spreadsheet data, yet lack the programming knowledge to do such tasks automatically. We present a <i>programming by example</i> methodology that allows end users to automate such repetitive tasks. Our methodology involves designing a domain-specific language and developing a synthesis algorithm(More)
This paper is an introduction to security challenges for the design of automotive hardware/software architectures. State-of-the-art automotive architectures are highly heterogeneous and complex systems that rely on distributed functions based on electronics and software. As cars are getting more connected with their environment, the vulnerability to attacks(More)
Fractures of the spine in diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH) have rarely been reported. Only four cases could be found in the world literature. Eight new cases with nine fractures are reported in this study. The critical features are the frequent delays in diagnosis (three of eight patients) and the high rate of immediate and delayed neurologic(More)
Eleven patients with fibular malunion after ankle fracture healed with stiff, painful joints and radiographic evidence of fibular malunion, diastasis of the ankle mortice, and talar tilt. Reconstruction was performed by mobilizing the fibula (by osteotomy or through the old fracture site), lengthening the fibula, and restoring the ankle mortice(More)
Path-sensitivity is often a crucial requirement for verifying safety properties of programs. As it is infeasible to enumerate and analyze each path individually, analyses compromise by soundly merging information about executions along multiple paths. However, this frequently results in a loss of precision. We present a program analysis technique that we(More)
Decentralized information flow control (DIFC) operating systems provide applications with mechanisms for enforcing information flow policies for their data. However, significant obstacles keep such operating systems from achieving widespread adoption. One key obstacle is that DIFC operating systems provide only low-level mechanisms for allowing application(More)
Epitopes recognized by three epidermal growth factor (EGF) competitive monoclonal antibodies, LA22, LA58, and LA90, have been localized to a 14-amino acid region in the extracellular domain of the human EGF receptor. The binding of each of these mutually competitive antibodies to A431 epidermoid carcinoma cells was inhibited up to 87% by EGF. Furthermore,(More)
Fourteen patients with traumatic winging of the scapula were reviewed, all of whom had had injuries producing sudden depression of the shoulder girdle from either a direct blow to the top of the shoulder or downward traction on the arm. The diagnosis was commonly missed for a considerable interval. Seven patients recovered spontaneously within six months of(More)