William R. Grace

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The Acton Water District should continue to monitor the Assabet, Scribner, • Lawsbrook, and Christofferson wells to make sure that the air strippers are adequately removing VOC contamination and that the municipal drinking water supply meets all Safe Drinking Water Act requirements. Consistent with U.S. EPA's cleanup plan in the site's 2005 Record of(More)
From the early 1920s until 1990, mining operations in Libby, Montana, produced and processed vermiculite. This vermiculite, which mining companies shipped to many locations around the United States for processing, contained asbestos. The National Asbestos Exposure Review (NAER) is a project of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR).(More)
As the U.S. contemplates its withdrawal from Afghanistan and its experience in Iraq fades, military planners are already contemplating operations beyond the counter-insurgency (COIN) mission. In 1997, Gen. Krulak, then Commandant of the Marine Corps, proffered the term, “three block war” to describe the future of combat operations. Across(More)
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