William R. Grace

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Of all malignancies in women, perhaps none is as lethal or as frustrating to the surgeon as inflammatory breast cancer. No significant progress in curing or controlling inflammatory breast cancer was made until the last decade, when investigators, noting the futility of local therapies, applied systemic therapies with some significant improvement in(More)
The Acton Water District should continue to monitor the Assabet, Scribner, • Lawsbrook, and Christofferson wells to make sure that the air strippers are adequately removing VOC contamination and that the municipal drinking water supply meets all Safe Drinking Water Act requirements. Consistent with U.S. EPA's cleanup plan in the site's 2005 Record of(More)
Conflicting reports on the immune responsiveness of patients with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) have been reported. This report shows that the leucocytes from four SSPE patients exhibited strong sensitivity to both measles and SSPE virus preparations as measured by the macrophage migration inhibition test, mixed lymphocyte virus infected cell(More)
The 16th report of a patient with "Carney's triad" is presented. The triad consists of an extra-adrenal paraganglioma, gastric leiomyoblastomas and a pulmonary chondroma. The diagnosis is made by discovery of the presence of at least two of these individually rare tumors. The patient described as 15 year old girl who presented with a pericardial effusion(More)
The potential clinical usefulness of the fluorescent cytoprint assay (FCA) was assessed retrospectively in 73 cancer patients by correlating individual tumor chemosensitivity in vitro with responses to chemotherapy. The data show that the FCA has a sensitivity of 98%, specificity of 81%, and predictive accuracies of 85% and 97% for positive and negative(More)
Efforts to stimulate lymphocytes from measles seropositive and two patients with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) with either commercially available measles virus or virus isolated from a known case of SSPE failed to show any significant data using a microculture assay. Similar results were obtained using lymphocytes from two patients with active(More)
From the early 1920s until 1990, mining operations in Libby, Montana, produced and processed vermiculite. This vermiculite, which mining companies shipped to many locations around the United States for processing, contained asbestos. The National Asbestos Exposure Review (NAER) is a project of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR).(More)
As the U.S. contemplates its withdrawal from Afghanistan and its experience in Iraq fades, military planners are already contemplating operations beyond the counter-insurgency (COIN) mission. In 1997, Gen. Krulak, then Commandant of the Marine Corps, proffered the term, “three block war” to describe the future of combat operations. Across(More)