William R. Doggett

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The center of mass space is a convenient space for planning motions that minimize reaction forces at the manipulator's base or optimize the stability of a mechanism. A unique problem associated with path planning in the center of mass space is the potential existence of multiple center of mass images for a single Cartesian obstacle, since a single center of(More)
—This paper provides closed-form equations parame-terizing the 2 smooth path that globally minimizes the Euclidean norm of a robot's peak base reaction force while avoiding obstacles during three-dimensional maneuvers in a gravity-free environment. In addition, the paper describes a computationally efficient technique that leads to a path typically having a(More)
—This paper describes an Intelligent Precision Jig-ging Robot (IPJR) prototype that enables the precise alignment and welding of titanium space telescope optical benches. The IPJR, equipped with μm accuracy sensors and actuators, worked in tandem with a lower precision remote controlled manipulator. The combined system assembled and welded a 2 m truss from(More)
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