William R. Cupach

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Two studies investigated the phenomenon of obsessive relational intrusion (ORI), defined as repeated and unwanted pursuit and invasion of one's sense of physical or symbolic privacy by another person, either stranger or acquaintance, who desires and/or presumes an intimate relationship. In Study 1, we sought to identify the incidence of a broad range of(More)
I s there a culture-general definition of intercultural communication competence? Or does it have to be defined differently in each culture (i.e., is it culture-specific)? In 1989, we were invited to present a conference paper that dealt with these questions. We then proposed that intercultural communication competence was both culture-general and(More)
This study examined the critical events defining the temporal progression of unwanted relationship pursuit. Retrospective interviews elicited the experiences of 42 victims of obsessive relational intrusion (ORI) and its extreme manifestation, stalking. Participants described turning points within their ORI experiences, and constructed graphs representing(More)
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