William R Adams

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A potent, highly insoluble, GnRH antagonist with a 2-phenyl-4-piperazinylbenzimidazole template and a quinoxaline-2,3-dione pharmacophore was modified to maintain GnRH antagonist activity and improve(More)
We have continued to explore the 3,3-dialkyl-5-aryloxindole series of progesterone receptor (PR) modulators looking for new agents to be used in female healthcare: contraception, fibroids,(More)
Morton neuroma is a common source of forefoot pain. This condition is more correctly termed as interdigital nerve compression and is not a true neuroma. Although Morton neuroma is a common diagnosis,(More)
OBJECTIVE This was a retrospective and follow-up analysis of 331 cases of chronic fibrosing osteomyelitis of the jaws (CFOJ) in 227 patients. STUDY DESIGN Demographic, clinical, surgical, and(More)
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