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In the past decade there has been a high degree of interest in improving the quality, productivity, and reliability of manufactured products. Global competition and higher customer expectations for safe, reliable products are driving this interest. After the areas of experimental design and statistical process control the one of reliability is the next to(More)
This paper describes Bayesian methods for life test planning with Type II censored data from a Weibull distribution, when the Weibull shape parameter is given. We use conjugate prior distributions and criteria based on estimating a quantile of interest of the lifetime distribution. One criterion is based on a precision factor for a credibility interval for(More)
Engineers in the manufacturing industries have used accelerated test (AT) experiments for many decades. The purpose of AT experiments is to acquire reliability information quickly. Test units of a material, component, subsystem, or entire systems are subjected to higher-than-usual levels of one or more accelerating variables such as temperature or stress.(More)
Most companies maintain warranty databases for purposes of financial reporting and warranty expense forecasting. In some cases, there are attempts to extract engineering information (e.g., on the reliability of components) from such databases. Another important application is to use warranty data to detect potentially serious field reliability problems as(More)
Prediction of remaining life of power transformers based on left truncated and right censored lifetime data" (2008). Statistics Preprints. Paper 63. Prediction of the remaining life of high-voltage power transformers is an important issue for energy companies because of the need for planning maintenance and capital expenditures. Lifetime data for such(More)
The fatigue-limit model studied here contains an unknown fatigue limit parameter. Under this model, specimens tested below this fatigue-limit level of stress will never fail. The model also allows the standard deviation of fatigue life to be a function of stress. Researchers can use this model to describe the standard deviation and stress dependence in(More)
High reliability systems generally require individual system components having extremely high reliability over long periods of time. Short product development times require reliability tests to be conducted with severe time constraints. Frequently few or no failures occur during such tests, even with acceleration. Thus, it is diicult to assess reliability(More)