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—This paper presents a novel method for the protection of bitstreams of state of the art video codec H.264/AVC. The problem of selective encryption (SE) is addressed along with the compression in the entropy coding modules. H.264/AVC supports two types of entropy coding modules. Context-adaptive variable length coding (CAVLC) is supported in H.264/AVC(More)
This work presents a new method that combines image encryption and watermarking technique for safe transmission purpose. This method is based on the combination of public-private keys and secret key ciphering, and watermarking. The encryption algorithm with secret key is applied to the image. We encrypt the secret key with an encryption method based on(More)
Medical image processing is considered as an important topic in the domain of image processing. It is used to help the doctors to improve and speed up the diagnosis process. In particular, computed tomography scanners (CT-Scanner) are used to create cross-sectional medical 3D images of bones. In this paper, we propose a method for CT-Scanner identification(More)
Unlike airborne multi-echo laser scanner systems, full-waveform systems are able to digitize and record the entire backscattered signal of each laser pulse. It has been demonstrated that decomposing the return waveforms into a mixture of Gaussian components was suitable. In this paper, we focus on the improvement of peak detection and of raw signal(More)
In this paper, we present a novel approach for active finger-printing of state of the art video codec H.264/AVC. Tardos probabilistic fingerprinting code is embedded in H.264/AVC video signals using spread spectrum watermarking technique. Different linear and non-linear collusion attacks have been performed in the pixel domain to show the robustness of the(More)
In this paper, we propose a method to embed the color information of an image in its corresponding grey-level image. The objective of this work is to allow free access to the grey-level image and give color image access to secret key owners. This method is made of two steps which are the color image decomposition (in a grey-level image and its associated(More)
Modern digital technology has made it possible to manipulate multi-dimensional signals with systems that range from simple digital circuits to advanced parallel computers. The goal of this manipulation can be divided into three categories: • Image Processing image in ! image out. • Image Analysis image in ! measurements out. • Image Understanding image in !(More)
Since several years, the protection of multimedia data is becoming very important. The protection of this multi-media data can be done with encryption or data hiding algorithms. To decrease the transmission time, the data compression is necessary. Since few years, a new problem is trying to combine in a single step, compression, encryption and data hiding.(More)