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The absorption of N from foliar applications of various N sources by pine seedlings was studied under greenhouse conditions. Needles dipped into solutions of 4,000 ppm N from Ca(NO3)2 were burned slightly at the tips at two weeks. Although higher concentrations of (NH2)2CO and (NH4)2SO4 could be used without plant damage, a uniform concentration of 3,000(More)
The distribution of N from labeled ammonium sulphate fertilizer was studied 19 months after application to an 11-year-old slash pine stand. The fertilizer was broadcast around single trees at rates equivalent to 0, 56, and 224 kg N/ha. Only 50 per cent of the fertilizer N was recovered in the ecosystem. Some 10.5 per cent of the fertilizer N was recovered(More)
The requirement to obtain application sofhuarefiom an external source and correctly load on a potentially embedded target is a COIWIIOI~ problem in many domains. For example, a growing solution in an internet environment is the use of a Java " 'applet " loaded to a target Java Virtual Machine (NM) implementation. Another applicable domain is embedded(More)
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