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National infrastructure systems (energy, transport, digital communications, water, and waste) provide essential services to society. Although for the most part these systems developed in a piecemeal way, they are now an integrated and highly interdependent " system of systems. " However, understanding the long-term performance trajectory of national(More)
Deep foundations are increasingly being used, not just to carry structural loads, but also to act as heat exchangers as part of a ground source heat pump system. Such foundations, often called energy piles, have the potential to make significant contributions towards meeting the heating and cooling demands of buildings, thus reducing the overall energy(More)
The development of reliable methods for measuring deflections as trains pass has enabled valuable insights into railway track behaviour to be gained. This is especially useful for problem areas such as transitions from normal ground onto hard substructures and complex track geometries such as switches and crossings. To date, much of the research on(More)
  • Louis Le Pen, Athma Ram Bhandari, William Powrie, Freng, Ma Msc, Ceng Fice
  • 2014
10 This paper describes model tests carried out to investigate the contribution to the resistance to 11 the lateral movement of a railway sleeper attributable to the ballast shoulder, for a range of 12 shoulder widths and heights. During the tests, the deflection and resistance were measured 13 and photographs taken. Photographs were analyzed using a(More)
Digital elevation models (DEMs) have been widely used for a range of applications and form the basis of many GIS related tasks. An essential aspect of a DEM is its accuracy, which depends on a variety of factors, such as source data quality, interpolation methods, data sampling density and the surface topographical characteristics. In recent years, point(More)
APG auger pressure grouted pile APGE auger pressure grouted energy pile AR aspect ratio Fo Fourier number (non-dimensional time) G G-function G c Concrete G-function G g Pile G-function H pile length h i heat transfer coefficient ݉ሶ mass flow rate n number of pipes q applied power per metre depth R b pile or borehole resistance R c concrete resistance R p(More)
Track for modern ballasted high speed railway lines typically uses continuous welded rail with continuous ballast. Continuous ballast is often specified over features involving discontinuity of track support including structural movement or expansion joints found in long railway bridges. Accelerated degradation of track geometry has been observed at these(More)
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