William Pittman

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It remains to be convincingly demonstrated whether insulin-requiring, ketosis-prone, lean-at-onset, type I diabetics who develop their disease after age 40 have the same disease as the children with similar characteristics. To address this question, we examined the population HLA genetic associations of this group. One hundred forty white, insulin-using(More)
Although ticks are known to exhibit preferences among host species, there is little evidence that ticks select hosts within a species based on physiological condition. It may be beneficial for ticks to choose hosts that are easier to feed upon if the ticks can perceive indicative chemical or other signals from the host. For example, if ticks can detect host(More)
Patients were entered in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter study to compare low- and high-dose fleroxacin with norfloxacin for the treatment of complicated urinary tract infection (UTI). A total of 296 patients were enrolled; 102, 97, and 97 patients were randomized to receive 200 mg of fleroxacin (low-dose), 400 mg of fleroxacin (high-dose),(More)
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