William Peter

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  • Todd Schuman, Edward M Greitzer, H N Slater, Gergana Bounova, Babak Cohanim, Masha Ishutkina +11 others
  • 2004
The introduction of concurrent design practices to the aerospace industry has greatly increased the efficiency and productivity of engineers during design sessions. Teams that are well-versed in such practices such as JPL's Team X are able to thoroughly examine a trade space and develop a family of reliable point designs for a given mission in a matter of(More)
A fast and accurate unsupervised clustering algorithm has been developed for clustering very large datasets. Though designed for very large volumes of geospatial data, the algorithm is general enough to be used in a wide variety of domain applications. The number of computations the algorithm requires is ~ <i>O</i>(<i>N</i>), and thus faster than(More)
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