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This document describes a convention for compressing FITS binary tables that is modeled after the FITS tiled-image compression method (White et al. 2009) that has been in use for about a decade. The input table is first optionally subdivided into tiles, each containing an equal number of rows, then every column of data within each tile is compressed and(More)
The checksum keywords described here provide an integrity check on the information contained in FITS HDUs. (Header and Data Units are the basic components of FITS files, consisting of header keyword records followed by optional associated data records). The CHECKSUM keyword is defined to have a value that forces the 32-bit 1’s complement checksum(More)
Two prototypes of a 9-DoF wheelchair-mounted robotic arm (WMRA) have been developed as assistive devices, consisting of a 7-DoF robotic arm and a 2-DoF power wheelchair. Combined kinematics and redundancy resolution have been previously implemented. In this work, we focus on control methods to allow autonomous mobility and manipulation for the execution of(More)
This talk will describe some of the features that have lead to the success of the ftools project and have enabled it to produce and manage a large package of software with low development costs. The ftools software package is a modular, platform-independent set of programs for analyzing FITS format data files in general, with a strong emphasis on data from(More)
In this paper, optimized combined control of a 9-DoF prototype wheelchair-mounted robotic arm (WMRA) system, consisting of a 7-DoF manipulator and a 2-DoF power wheelchair, is demonstrated using vision-based dual-trajectory control that generates separate wheelchair and end-effector trajectories. Physical results of this work are provided with a “Go(More)
Psychosocial adjustment to disability is an area of special need, often requiring intervention by mental health professionals, including social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists. While the availability of all these disciplines is optimal for comprehensive psychosocial intervention, the use of multiple mental health disciplines may create problems of(More)
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