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BACKGROUND Although cholera has been present in Latin America since 1991, it had not been epidemic in Haiti for at least 100 years. Recently, however, there has been a severe outbreak of cholera in Haiti. METHODS We used third-generation single-molecule real-time DNA sequencing to determine the genome sequences of 2 clinical Vibrio cholerae isolates from(More)
Pathogens adapt to the host environment by altering their patterns of gene expression. Microarray-based and genetic techniques used to characterize bacterial gene expression during infection are limited in their ability to comprehensively and simultaneously monitor genome-wide transcription. We used massively parallel cDNA sequencing (RNA-seq) techniques to(More)
The sequence of a protein determines its function by influencing its folding, structure, and activity. Similarly, the most conserved residues of orthologous and paralogous proteins likely define those most important. The detection of important or essential residues is not always apparent via sequence alignments because these are limited by the depth of any(More)
Elongation of rod-shaped bacteria is mediated by a dynamic peptidoglycan-synthetizing machinery called the Rod complex. Here we report that, in Bacillus subtilis, this complex is functional in the absence of all known peptidoglycan polymerases. Cells lacking these enzymes survive by inducing an envelope stress response that increases the expression of RodA,(More)
Correlation between the numbers of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and its specific bacteriophages in cockles was investigated from June 2009 to May 2010 in Hat Yai, Songkhla, Thailand. Cockles obtained monthly from a local market were sampled to determine the numbers of V. parahaemolyticus and bacteriophages that could form plaques on ten strains of pandemic and(More)
DEDICATION This Dissertation is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather, Paul Rogers. His profound love of nature influenced my desire to study Science. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my supervisor Ian Molineux for his support and encouragement. His rigorous, thorough, and enthusiastic approach to science has been a valuable experience. I expect(More)
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