William Patrick McCafferty

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A new species of primitive tuskless burrowing mayflies (Ephemeroptera: Palpotarsa: Behningiidae), Behningia baei, new species, is described from larvae taken in Thailand. The new species is differentiated from congeners primarily by its labial palps, labrum, and base of the mid legs. It is the first species of the genus Behningia, and only the second(More)
A new mayfly species, Heptagenia whitingi Webb & McCafferty n.sp. is described from larvae, a male subimago, a female adult, and eggs collected from large rivers in the west-central portion of North America. Larvae are differentiated from other North American Heptagenia Walsh by a pair of large, rectangular pale markings on abdominal tergum 4, and the(More)
A new species of the psammophilous and brushlegged North American genus Amercaenis Provonsha and McCafferty, Amercaenis cusabo Provonsha and McCafferty, new species, is described from larvae taken from the Black River (North Carolina), the Pee Dee River (North Carolina), and the Savannah River (Georgia and South Carolina). The new species differs from the(More)
The North American genus Heterocloeon McDunnough is redefined and shown to be distinct from other two-tailed Baetis complex genera, including Acentrella Bengtsson and Plauditus Lugo-Ortiz and McCafferty, which are also represented in North America. Heterocloeon is divided into three distinct subgenera, including Heterocloeon s.s., Iswaeon McCafferty and(More)
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