William Paterson

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BACKGROUND Glycemic control in hospital intensive care units (ICU) has been the subject of numerous research publications and debate over the past 2 decades. There have been multiple studies showing the benefit of ICU glucose control in reducing both morbidity and mortality. GlySure Ltd has developed a glucose monitor based on a diboronic acid receptor that(More)
Vocabulary learning is central to reading ability and academic achievement. Vocabulary researchers and educators have viewed its essence as a process of associating the pronunciations and meanings of words in memory, and they have paid little attention to the contribution that spellings might make to vocabulary learning. We review theory and evidence(More)
[1] We investigate the ion population and energy distribution within Ganymede’s magnetosphere by examining Ganymede’s ionospheric outflow as a source of heavy (O) and light (H) ions and the Jovian magnetospheric plasma as an external source of heavy ions. We develop a method for examining the energy distributions of each ion species in a three-dimensional(More)
Despite sustained interest in product alliance activity, little is known regarding the effect of product alliances on shareholder value. Whereas proponents of alliances justify their formation by emphasizing access to relevant resources and know-how, critics highlight the risks inherent in alliance partner opportunism. To reconcile these opposing(More)
Academic research on open source software has outlined the functionalities of open source software to a great extent, but a comprehensive theoretical framework comprising different aspects of open source software is still missing. A theoretical understanding of the open source software phenomenon will not only be a significant contribution to the academia(More)
OBJECTIVE:Scintigraphy remains the gold standard to study gastric emptying. The technique is onerous and normal values vary between centers. Standardized protocols, although desirable, are not presently available. We validated a simplified scintigraphic protocol in a multicenter setting.METHODS:In 69 healthy volunteers from seven Canadian institutions,(More)
In his famous essay on the even more famous Diego Velazquez painting, Las Meninas, Michel Foucault reflects on the painting’s representational ricochet. This network of sightlines and reflections is set up by the several mirrors, canvases, windows, and doorways in the painting all of which manage to instigate, but not accomplish, a clear rendering of the(More)
The purpose of the workshop was to receive input from the Canadian pediatric inflammatory bowel diseases research community to develop a research funding opportunity for a Canadian pediatric inflammatory bowel diseases network and data platform supported by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, in partnership with the Foundation for Children with(More)